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What I just posted in a couple of communities, just to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with in my home:

This will probably end up pretty long, so..

I have lived in a house for 7 years, which I believe to be haunted.

There is minor poltergeist activity, such as: things disappearing, then reappearing weeks later in plain sight; objects, mostly the garbage can lid, flying off/through the air; knives moving by themselves on the kitchen counter, moving in circles, standing straight up at the tip and moving towards us; things being turned upside down when you turn your back, etc...

Sightings: we have all seen the ghost of my husband's late dog, Rocky, in the hallway, usually guarding our bedroom door; my daughter, who's an empath, a very strong one..has seen several (7-8) spirits in the hallway, creeping towards the living room, with Rocky growling, his hackles up, keeping them at bay; she has SEEN the man holding the moving knife; she has seen/relived a gruesome murder take place in our bathroom, the body dismembered, then burned in our fireplace; and a burned man in one of the bedroom closets.

When my husband bought this house in 87, he was told a murderer had lived here, but no other info. I'm currently trying to find out who he was, I've got the neighbor's digging around too, lol. This guy was a renter, is there anyway, besides asking the previous owner/landlord, WHO this guy was? And what other ways are there of researching the house/land?

Also, I would like to cleanse the house, but am afraid of just pissing this negative energy, whatever it is, off and making things worse. Right now, all we deal with is the minor poltergeist stuff, which is livable, so far. Should I just leave well enough alone? Thanks for any input...also cross-posting a couple of places, so sorry if you're already read/responded to this :)
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I got you some Sacred White Sage, it is the most powerful species of Sage there is, I will send it to you, and if you want to use it just break some off, light in in an ashtray or albolone shell, and walk around the room spreading the smoke....or just light the tip of the stick without breaking it off, doesnt really matter, but if you dont want to use it, oh well, it will still be there, if you cange your mind. :)
testing, to see if I can reply thru hotmail: thank you, I'll be looking for it! :)
yep hotmail works, did you get your box of xmas presents yet? I mailed them on Thursday, there is no scrapbook in there tho, I havent finished it yet, BUT your steven king insomnia book is in there, I have had that for several years. :)
Nope, nuttin' yet...:( But now I can fill my dust cover with the ACTUAL book! lol thanks! in a motel yet?????