psychickitty (psychickitty) wrote,

what just happened?

So, I'm watchin' a movie..hear a thud outside, sounds like a car door. Then the front doorknob starts wiggling, like somebody's trying to open it. My son always walks right in, I figured it was him, and hollered for him to hang on. There's a is going NUTZ barking...I open the door....nothing.
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found you through ghostlyadvice..
That is creepy. Has it happened since?
No, that would be the first, and only time for that one :) But have you read the rest of my journal, or amnehotep's? The knock on the door was mild compared to some other stuff goin' on around here, lol.
I plan on reading lol can i add you?
please do, I'll add you back :)
added both :o)
I've 'friended' you :) If you want to add my other LJ, it's moonkitty62. I just made up this newer one to keep track of the weird shit, cuz none of my LJ friends were commenting on the bizzarre entries, I think I scared 'em, hehe :) I'm also going to add you as a friend on that journal, too..if ya don't mind.