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I've been thinking alot lately, about my dear old buddy, Glenda. And last night, I found out she's passed away...

When I was getting ready for bed last night, Romeo was on the bed, and started barking and the area next to my nightstand. And I mean intense barking, and looking right AT something, that Scott and I couldn't see. Something he normally doesn't do.

...but I wasn't scared, like I usually am with the weird things in this house....I felt calm and protected. I wondered right away if Glenda had come to say hello, considering I'd JUST found out she'd passed away, and was quite upset about it. I caught a whiff of perfume, and it reminded me of her. Romeo calmed down after a few minutes, but kept looking at the same spot...keeping his eye on her, I guess, lol. I talked to her for a few minutes, in my head....and felt warm and loved, and all that stuff.

...yes, I'm sure it was her....thank you for stopping by...and I'm sorry as hell I didn't return your call that day. I'm kicking myself for it now. I'll miss you terribly....and have been remembering all the silly shit we did together :) I love you, my dear old friend...and hopefully I'll see you again someday :)
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that reminds me of things ive been thinking about alot lately. your opinion would be very grateful on my recent entry :D but anyways.

i use to be afraid when things happened like that. now its comforting..and sometimes it hurts. but its the best reminder that there isnt ever a goodbye. thats corny i know. but i do not know. sorry bout ur lose. *huggles again*
ya, I think we'll see them all again, someday, somehow....and I'll head to your journal in a few to see the other post you mentioned *huggiez*
Holy shit Kathy! I totally hear ya! I get crazy shit all the time too and so does my little brother. We are 3 years and one day apart, my mom went into labor during my 3rd birthday party. It's like he knew when to come out. He hears things alot in my mom's old farm house. I did too when I was there, her house gives me different vibes all the time. Sometimes it's really bad, like I sense anger, evil, or darkness and other times it's really happy. My brother and I are both Pisces and we've been told by many of my mom's phsycic freinds that we are what they call "sensatives". Once I wasstanding at my back door smoking a cigarette and I felt a guy behind me, like standing over my shoulder and I thought it was my boyfriend but then I realized he wasn't home. When I told my mom about it she said it may have been my older brother's Dad who I had never met, because he died shortly after I was born. He had seen me apparently when I was a baby and thought I was a beautiful baby, he must've made a big deal about it for my Mom to remember it for 20 years. It was bizarre that that was her answer for who it was, because this is not a person I grew up with or that we consistently talk about. We also have pics. of him with his little "spirit bubble" hangin around. I remember immediatly feeling like she was right and that it was him. So hello back at ya Randy!
go read amber's journal...amnehotep...might have to go back a bit, but she posted a bunch of really scary shit about the house I'm living in right now....stuff to curl your toes!